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  • Paving a way for Educational Institutions.

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To cater to a rapidly shifting employment landscape, creative problem solving, and collaboration have become the key skills required of our students. Evidence-based research has uncovered the importance for educational institutions to move towards the development of student-centred pedagogies where the technology-enabled, co-creation of knowledge is at the core of teaching and learning. These requirements compel institutions towards a more flexible, agile model, which considers the needs of students in different stages throughout their development, and future-proofs the education sector.

“Classrooms themselves don’t get updated every few years, unlike the technology and furniture used within them. Currently, a lot of classroom spaces being built are not fit for the purpose they’re used for. As such, proposed educational upgrades will need to consider the longevity of these projects, ensuring they are able to support lots of different ways of teaching, and student learning habits. The classroom designs need to promote best practice teaching, not just for right now but into the future, too.” Justine Cox

The new era of education identifies that primary school students are benefiting from having access to a diverse range of playful and open spaces, which assist in stimulating an active interpretation of space and allow for growth and interaction to happen. Senior students, on the other hand, require quiet, intimate spaces for independent self-study, as well as social spaces for group activities. CK Architecture work closely with educational organisations to develop facilities that recognise this shift, designing technology-saturated, connected and flexible learning environments across all educational sectors from preschool to tertiary.

Our work with Trinity Infants School focused on integrating the landscaped play areas and the learning spaces to encourage stimulative and playful interpretation. Each space was carefully considered and planned around a central open space which becomes the heart of the learning environment. While the Trinity Infants School was focused on playful, open-plan spaces, the Karabar High School project needed to focus on facilitating multiple learning opportunities through agile breakout areas, designated performance spaces and places to collaborate and present ideas. The new senior learning environment heroes a presentation stair congregation area that is expressive and can be adaptable to teaching, presenting, events and collaboration. By unlocking the potential of the built environment and all of the spaces in between CK Architecture enables the potential of the people who inhabit the environment to also be unlocked. Leadership through good design. Read more about our learning projects here.